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Colors of Natural Amber

Today, the factors affecting amber color will be discussed. The Close division of amber Colors is extremely difficult, because Amber […]


It is Often referred to as the mother of any stones. The name Jasper means "spotted" in Greek. Jasper is […]


Jadeit is a very popular stone in Chinese culture, it was also used to make jewelry by the Mayan, who […]


Iolite is a rare mineral from the cluster of silicate. The Name Iolite comes from the Greek "Jon", which means […]


Hematite (Gr. Haema (Haima), blood; Haimatites, bloodthirsty; In relation to the red color of this mineral after its powdered)-a common […]


Pomegranate is a beautiful and rare stone, which like true love really hard to find. This one-of-a-kind stone will kindle […]


Type: Female Energy: Projection Color: From Violet, through blue, green to white -Inhibits otosclerosis-loss of hearing due to the formation […]


Diamonds are the cleanest crystalline form of coal. They Arise in the process of crystallization under enormous pressure and at […]


is a borrotias of calcium, the rhombic crystals of this mineral resemble topaz. It Can be found in colors: yellowish, […]

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It helps all who follow the path of spiritual development. On The one hand, it brings spirituality to the level […]