całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw


METHODS of USE: Placed on the body, worn on the body (for a long time) placed under the pillow, held in the hand during childbirth, to energizing drinking water, used for meditation.


Amazonit Energy Properties


CHAKRAS: Heart Chakra (Amazonite green), throat chakra (blue color amazonite)

UNDERBELLY: For childbirth pain, for menstrual pain, with contracsis, Pelbe

MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM: With injuries/starchery, twisting, osteoporosis, muscle, back and neck pain, problems with the disc, at cysts (periostricular jelly), in problems with "normal limb growth", and in the

NERVOUS SYSTEM: Strengthens the nervous system, in nerve states, in diseases of the brain, in problems with sleep, in problems with concentrating

SKIN: Promotes the formation of new cells/tissues after injuries

GENERAL INTERACTION: Regulates metabolism disorders, protects the heart, against the state of exhaustion, strengthens the liver, in sore throat, scalp and Migraia

Assists: In inner anxiety, feelings of sadness, distress, changes in mood, depression, nightdreaming, in anxiety, in learning problems, in hyperactivity, in cardiac troubles

It Strengthens: Balance, calm, deep sleep, improves intuition, relieves contradictions, strengthens empathy, self-determination, hides hidden feelings, strengthens vital forces.


Amazonit protects the aura and stabilizes the astral body


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CARE: Clean under running water, discharge with hematites, recharge with morning sunlight

PRESENCE: Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, Norway, Namibia, Austria, Mozambique, USA

ASTROLOGY: Cancer, Virgo, weight

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