całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw



The Precious stones Encyclopedia is given

Energy: Receptive
Planets: Jupiter and Neptune
Elemental: Water
Deities: Dionizos, Bachus, Diana
Powers: Dreams, overcoming alcoholic diseases, treatment, parapsychiczne abilities, peace, love, protection against thieves, courage and happiness.

In the breastplate of the high priest of the Israeli people, the amethyst was in the first place as the most important and venerable.
The Hebrew language is called "Achlamach", i.e. "Nice and clean"
In Sanskrit, its name is "Cacunda"-meaning "good luck."

Endowing with peace, courage, concentration, helps in love (though I tend to attract friendship), gives inspiration to artists and helps to develop talent.

Worn on the neck (preferably not puncted) protects from misfortunes, infectious diseases, strengthens health and nerves.
Donated in the ring is to provide faithful and loyal friendship.

On The physical level improves the appearance of the skin.
It has the power to reconcile the feached couples.


It Supports intuitions and meditation.

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