całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw




Spiritually, promotes an in-depth look at our emotional, physical, intellectual state
It Allows us to be impartitible in seeing things as they are. And without unnecessary turbulence keep them or get rid of, to reach where we want, according to your intentions.
Andalusit encourages rational thinking.
This allows you to see different pages of the problem and as a result reveals the solution.
He also Says that dedication is okay… But not obligatory.

Andalusit can stimulate memory and focus.
It is helpful in eye and hand disorders, promotes oxygenation and reordering chromosomes
It is Suitable for those who feel the limitation of physical and mental sil, whether they are in extreme despair…
In conjunction with lemon or diamond, it has even more power.
This Rare gem of the distinctive shape of the cross is a stone of courage.
It is Believed that wearing jewelry from andalusite stimulates and normalizes the metabolism.
There is evidence that andalusit hinders the development of fungal diseases.
It affects the cardiovascular, thoracic, spine and hands,
Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.
It Promotes balance, good self-esteem and self-discipline..
It Helps to be open, without juding others…
Use it when we feel an imbalance in communication with others.
You can wear a pebbles in your pocket, but a better effect is if you are in contact with your skin.

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CARE: I Think that cleansing in the water, using a mountain crystal, you can charge in the ground like all… But I found

The Name is derived from Andalusia (Spain), where for the first time the mineral was found (Delametherie 1789).
Colour: Most common-light gray with a pink or reddish hue; It is also brown, white, yellowish, purple and even green (Virydyn – manganese coloured), colourless, various colours
Gloss: Glassy
It Creates different size elongated crystals – the largest are about 20 cm long.
It is found in the form of clusters of crushed, granular, rod and radial.
It Occurs as an enemy mineral, less often as a crystalline brush.
It Exhibits poor fluorescence.
When rotating or changing lighting, you can clearly see a strong pleochroism: yellow, green, red.
If you look at the stone from different directions, it appears, or olive-green or red-pink

Andalusit has one advantage over alexandrite-to see all the colors, there is no need to change the lighting-just shake the crystal from side to side.
It Is a fragile mineral, translucent, mostly opaque.
It is Not dissolved in acids, it does not melt.
It is polymorphic with Dystene, and Sillimanitem.

OCCURRENCE: Rare Mineral, occurring in metamorphic rocks, e.g. Shale, altered in Hornfelsy near Granitoid intruders.
It is also Found in the veins of Pegmatyts and crummy rocks (in the form of flanks).
Places of Occurrence:
It is Found in the USA-California, East Africa (the main source of the useful andalusite in jewellery), Sri Lanka-Mankoba, Burma, Brazil – Santa Teresa, Minas Gerais,
Minas Novas, Russia – Ural, Kazakhstan, Australia.
In Poland found in Lower Silesia in the massif of Krkonoše and Strzegom – Saturdays, in the Sowich Mountains

It has scientific and collectible significance.
It is used in jewelery.
The Largest specimens have a mass reaching up to 100 Ct.
With framed stones should be handled with great care.
In jewelery, the stones are cut in such a way that they show pink, almost colourless shades or green color in the center, and brown coloring on the edge of the stone.
Used to manufacture special porcelain
Used for the production of acid-resistant and refractory materials


ASTROLOGY: Virgo, Libra


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Chiastolite (Gr. Chiasmos = similar to the Cross) – contains black, charcoal inclusions arranged in the shape of a cross or an hourglass, occurs in the vicinity of Santiago de Compostela (used for making souvenirs from pilgrimages).

Other polymorphic Varieties Al2O3 • SiO2
Dystenium (di – double, Sthenos – strength); Blue-Cjanite, a variety of greobiala and white-rhätizyt
Sillimanit; Fibrolite, conjugated, mixed with quartz-fibrolit


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