całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw


Angelit is a stone of higher consciousness and contact with other dimensions. The Name angelit comes from the word "Angel"-an angel. This Stone Evens "Angelic Serenity" for mind and soul, calms, increases faith in itself, and above all it can be used during meditation to summon Angels and angelic help. Stone contacts at the telepathic level, better insight into your soul and others, astral journeys and support spiritual guides. Wearing Angelite with you is helpful in maintaining constant contact with higher powers to receive their love, guidance and concrete help.
Angelit is recommended, among other things, for healers, its energy enhances perception and deepens the connection with healing powers. Angelit also facilitates the understanding of astrology and its principles, and all those involved in spiritual development gives inspiration and helps to find the best direction. You can hold angelit in your hand in moments when you really need a divine intervention in your case. Angelit is a great stone to work with owls to memorize them and correctly interpret their symbolism.

Information taken from the "Magic Gallery"

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