całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw


The Name is derived from the Persian lazhward meaning the blue colour.

ASTROLOGY: Bull, Sagittarius, Capricorn

CHAKRAS: Sixth Chakra

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Azuryt Properties


It Gives a sense of responsibility
Heals from science-related stress, removes blockages


Judy Hall, the natural healer, author of "The Encyclopedia of Crystals," explains that Azurite serves as a means "to guide mental development and enhance metaphysical powers" and ranks among the ancient Egyptians "most preferred Stones. Andrew Pacholyk writes on his website A calm mind that Maya "believed that the azurite could connect them to the higher wisdom" and served as a spiritual guide. Other authors of New Age literature, such as Philip Permutt in his work "The Complete Guide to the Crystal Healing Chakra", refer to Azuryt as a "stone from the sky."



Many New Age Practitioners promote Azuryt as a meditation aid. Hall praises its role in stimulating individual consciousness, stating that it can help lead to "inner peace" and "provide mental healing on many levels." Pacholyk says stone permits "deep access to the subconscious," and Permutt and others believe that Azurite proves beneficial to the nervous system.


Mental Clarity is essential in the decision-making process of good and natural healers to believe that many undecided people are able to go forward on mistakes of the past and psychological wounds. Permutt says that Azurite "promotes compassion and empathy, and helps to express feelings, thoughts and mental information." Hall claims that the azurite draws "outside emotional pollution and ancient fears." Pacholyk recommends Stone as an aid in decision making and suggests keeping it nearby that when deciding critical decisions.

Hall and other natural healers and doctors are metaphysical to believe that it can help in the use of energy, creativity in you, and show you how to benefit from this energy to express yourself. Working with Azurite proponents claim, also can give the artist a focused mind of clear self-imposed boundaries. Pacholyk, for example, says that azurite "stimulates creativity, giving access to the source of ideas, images and awareness of things around us."


(Physically, spiritually, emotionally):

Organs to which it works: Azurite helps with neck problems, arthritis and joint problems. It Straighten the spine and acts on the cells, where it removes numerous blockages or brain damage. It Emits kidneys, gallbladder and liver. It has a Beneficial effect on the spleen, thyroid, bones, teeth and skin. It Helps to detoxify the body. Promotes embryo development in the uterus.

Adds Energy Clears the chakras. The Azurine Elixir adds strength to the treatment crises when transient symptoms of the disease and the patient's condition deteriorate.

Properties: Azuryt, also known as the philosophical Stone, serves as a guide and mentor in the spiritual development and enhancement of intuition. It Directs the soul to the path leading to enlightenment. It Cleans and stimulates the third eye and at the same time is responsible for contacting the spiritual guide. It Is a crystal that allows safe and easy travel outside the body. It Raises consciousness to a higher level and gives greater control of spiritual development. Its properties allow you to immerse yourself in the state of meditation and clairvoyance.

Azuryt is a high-potency medicinal stone that makes it easier to understand the psychosomatic impact of thoughts and emotions on the body. On the spiritual plane, azurite brings enlightenment, reveals new perspectives and shapes. It Removes long-term blockage in communication and stimulates memory.

It Improves the understanding of reality and helps to cross the boundaries of the system of faith programmed in the past and allows you to cope without fear of the unknown. Azuryt brings a deeper understanding of the context and gives a new look to the outside world. Long-established dogmas under the influence of Azurite become reconsidered and are subjected to a test of veracity.

Emotionally, azurite cleanss the mind from stress, fear and sadness. At the Same time reveals more emotions. It Transforms fears and phobias, helping to understand their deeper causes. It Calms everyone who speaks too much and gives courage to all who are afraid to express themselves.

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Mineral from a cluster of carbonates. Common Mineral, widespread.
The Name is derived from the Persian lazhward meaning the blue colour.

Creates crystals with a plate, bar. It is Most often found in clusters of broken, earthy, granular, spherical. It also Creates Naskorupienia and pseudomorfozy after other copper minerals. It is fragile, translucent, under the influence of carbon dioxide passes in malachite. Creates varieties: Burnit, Chessylit, Azurmalachit.

Azuryt often transforms into malachite. The Powdered azurite was used as a blue paint, which, however, changed the hue to green due to the transformation in malachite.

OCCURRENCE: Namibia, Morocco, Algeria, France, USA, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Hungary.

In Poland, it is found in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and Lower Silesia, in the vicinity of Lubina and Głogowa.

✴ locally used as a slave copper ore (55% Cu).
for the production of copper sulphate
for the manufacture of blue pigments
very attractive and valued ornamental stone
✴ in jewelery quite rarely used, ground stones are small. They are usually Suitable for Cabochon finishing. It Does not grind large specimens, because they are so dark that they are almost opaque.
for the manufacture of artistic jewellery
✴ Precious Collectible Stone

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