całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw

From Czaroit

It helps all who follow the path of spiritual development. On The one hand, it brings spirituality to the level of Earth, and with the other raises the Earth's energy to the Crown Chakra, introducing the root of divinity into ordinary life. In Other words, it reminds us, here and now, that matter and spirituality are connected vessels-if we want to grow-we have to take care of both of these spheres. It Strongly acts on the Crown chakra and the third eye-strengthens and awakens the abilities of telepathy and clairvoyance. It Helps to relieve fear and unrest, along with the amethyst brings a healthy and good sleep (often prophetic). Known as the stone of the fairers and the clairons.

The following information is given On the "Magic Gallery".

Purple transformation Stone, how useful when we get lost in negative thoughts when going through life's challenges. It Is a stone of clairvoyance and deep insight, access to information outside the physical plan, connection with the spiritual world to understand, know more and overcome fear. It Helps with insomnia, problems with the nervous system, obsessions and addictions.
Czaroit is a stone of vibrating cleansing of the Purple Flame, which Saint Germain mentions in the "Golden Book". It Cleanses the etheric body, releasing it from the disharmony of negative elements. It facilitates the disposal of subconscious fears, transforms unfavorable and unnecessary energy patterns. Working with this stone and wearing it can help to increase the amount of so-called positive coincidences.


Czaroit is a mysterious mineral from a cluster of silicate with very variable chemical composition, which is not entirely known. Every now and then the other elements are found in it. For this reason, the chemical formula Of the Black Witch is not an exact formula in the literature.
It was Discovered in 1948, but the official name was only received in the year 1977.
The Only identified place of occurrence of this mineral is in the basin of the river Czary in eastern Siberia.


Since It has no esoteric tradition, all speculation about its properties is based on contestations and associations rather than on multi-annual observations.
However, its shades of violet, velvet softness and a mix of the inclusion of other minerals that make up a spinning pattern immediately awaken the magic-mystical associations.

And indeed: The Czaroit was called a magical stone, intended especially for those who in different forms are engaged in reading the future, that is, for fairers, clairers or astrologers, which is supposed to help in the diffusion.
Contact with the Blackman is intended to strengthen the ability to receive extra-terrestrial transmissions as well as to bring spirituality to everyday life, favours people seeking their spiritual path.

It also Promotes prayer and meditation-sincere conversation with God and with ourselves.

Czaroit understands that there is something like the Law of Karma (the law of Cause and effect) and other than the material plans (levels) of human life and doubted in the meaning of earthly life makes it possible to understand that the meaning in this, however, is.

His Energy also promotes the penetration of his own soul, allowing them to reach the roots accumulated by years of negative patterns, allowing them to recognize them consciously and eliminate them from their lives, as if they were to help cleanse the soul and Resetting multi-annual mistakes and preparing to start a new, another-better-conscious life.

People working with the witch say that he is extracting from the subconscious of everything: what we know (although we have tried to forget about it) and what we do not know (we did not expect that in the depths of our soul there is a beast or reminiscences from other incarnations), Hence it is recommended only to those who are ready to face what can take a nap in the depths of their psys (in the subconscious).

Czaroit on the physical level helps to get rid of the fears of the soul, the states of anxiety, depression, obsassiduous fears, anxiety insomnia (here, together with the amethyst-have to lie under the pillow) and addictions, especially those who have been due to severe to endure Psychic experiences (e.g. Someone is undoing because of the death of a beloved partner).
The Silence of aggressive behaviour, calms up the angry nerves, favours a friendly attitude towards other people, and reflection before something is done and not after the fact.
Some Lithotherapists report that the Witch strengthens the ability to regenerate the body both after the passage of severe illness and after a mental shock and promotes the fight against kidney and liver diseases (cirrhosis)


I have a czaroit! 😀
When I read Your description of this stone, it was so impressed by me (and the description, and the stone;)) that I wished to have it (stone:)). And I have. In The pictures is shown only in the form of purely violet, but because I bought it over the internet and I could not choose, it is not so "for photography", only more "everyday". It looks like a flint across purple streaks. And it is beautiful too. 🙂
And now I go to the merits of the matter. You Wrote about Dywination, and it was associated with the chakras of the third eye. To be honest, I don't know if I'm right, but I've had an association. And The third eye was associated with the bays in turn. One of my cats has a problem with the bays, so I started to touch him with a black and lightly massage around the bays. I do Not know if the cat has a chakra of the third eye, but the bay has for sure. 🙂 And I see an improvement. Still snees and sometimes loud breathes, but clearly feels better. It is more active. And surely it is not possible to say that it was autosuggestion, because even I did not tell him why I touch it with this stone. 😉
So When it comes to my experience, I think the czaroit is a magical stone. And It's even tested on the cat. 🙂

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