całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw


– A variety of andalusite, a very rare mineral from the group of Silicates.
The Name comes from Andalusia from Gr. Chiasto = Diagonal and Chiastos = similar to cross, cross.
Recognized by the characteristic cross visible on the cross section of the crystal.
Chiasolite is rarely cut, mainly due to the opacity of the mineral.
Attractive for the purpose of jewelery are cross-sections, which show the shape of a cross.

He is Considered one of the strongest stones in magic.
But the benefits of pebbles can only be enjoyed by people with pure intentions,
Who really want to master the common wisdom for the sake of others…

PRESENCE: Available in USA-California, East Africa, Sri Lanka-Mankoba, Myanmar, Brazil-Santa Teresa, Minas Gerais,
Minas Novas, Russia-Ural, Kazakhstan, Australia.
In Poland, in Lower Silesia you can see in the mountains of Krkonoše and Strzegom-Sobotka, in the Sowich Mountains

WAYS to USE: You can wear a pebbles in your pocket, but a better effect is if you are in contact with your skin.

Often used by monks to manufacture amulets and rosaries…
The Knights of Malta from this stone, ordered a ring in XVIw.
Hence the name of this stone… Maltese Cross…
No less interest was enjoyed among European sailors and explorers who believed that the amulets of stone strengthened friendship.
There are Many legends about this pebbles, especially on the Spanish pages…



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✴ Promotes change, problem solving and practical exits, helping to preserve strength in challenging situations
✴ Helps with divination and astral journeys
✴ The Sign of the cross is traditionally associated with healing energy, promotes rebirth
✴ helps you understand death and the process of dying
✴ stimulates blood and milk flow during feeding
✴ favourable for fever
✴ works well with chromosome damage

Andalusit can stimulate memory.
Suitable for those who feel a decline in physical and mental.
It is a stone of courage.
It is Believed that wearing jewelry from andalusite stimulates and normalizes the metabolism.
It is Reportedly proved that it hinders the development of fungal diseases.
Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.
It Promotes balance, good self-esteem.
It Helps to be open, without juding others…
Recommended when we feel an imbalance in communication with others.

Spiritually, promotes an in-depth look at our emotional, physical, intellectual state
It Allows us to be impartitible in seeing things as they are. And without unnecessary turbulence keep them or get rid of, to reach where we want, according to your intentions.
Andalusit encourages rational thinking.
This allows you to see different pages of the problem and as a result reveals the solution.
He also Says that dedication is okay… But not obligatory.

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CARE: I Think that cleansing in the water, using a mountain crystal, you can charge in the ground like all… But I found

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