całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw


Chryzokola is a stone expressing the power of female energy, which exists in both women and men. At the same time, the Stone exults tenderness and strength, teaching that true power is expressed through the tenderness of feelings. Chryzokola is the stone of the Goddess, an ancient archetypal form associated with the vibrance and Earth consciousness.
Chryzokola helps people who want to be more understood by others, have access to inner wisdom and express themselves in a bold and coherent way. This Stone realizes how great the power of words is, teaches how to choose words consciously, realizing that words have the power to change reality. Chryzokola is a stone for speakers, lecturers, sales representatives and other people who use verbal expression in their work. It Helps to speak with passion and straight from the heart, so as to go to human hearts.

OCCURRENCE: Arizona, Newada, Peru, Elba, Italy, Congo, Hungary
METHODS of USE: placed on the body, worn on the body in the form of jewelry (pendant) or in the pocket
ASTROLOGY: Virgo, Bull
CHAKRAS: Heart Chakra, throat chakra (neck)

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THYROID: Improves hormonal management

SKIN/HAIR: Improves skin and hair condition, prevents hair grazing, burns skin, well affects scar tissue

LIVER: Strengthens the liver

HEART: Worn near the heart chakra to help in arrhythmias and cardiac neurosis

OVERALL EFFECTS: It positively affects the nervous and hormonal system, relieves menstrual pain, relieves symptoms during menopause, positively affects the course of pregnancy and childbirth, protects against miscumage, reduces pain during childbirth, with fever and Contraction

Assists with: Nerve situations, relieves, balances, calms, alleviates anxiety and eliminates guilt, helps regain mental clarity

Strengthens: Improves mood, adds energy, neutralizes negative character traits, strengthens inner peace, patience and tolerance against other people

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Care: Clean, regenerate under running water, clean with hematite support, recharge in Moonlight or using Amethyst brush/Geode


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