całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw


Chryzopraz is a variety of chalcedone generally in green but and different shades of blue-green inclusive.

The Name comes from the Greek with a combination of the words Chrysos-gold and Prasinos-greenish. The Colour is caused by an admixture of nickel (disperted in a stone structure). It changes (fading) during heating or prolonged exposure to sunlight (therefore, it should be protected from excessive temperatures and excess light).

Locations: Mainly Australia (the Marlborough Creek), Russia (on the Urals), USA (California and Oregon so-called. Nickel Mountains), Brazil, India, Zimbabwe, Tanzania. In Poland-Lower Silesia (in the vicinity of Ząbkowice Śląskie, Koźmice, Tomice, Szklary).

He was well known to the ancient Greeks and Romans, and they adorned not only clothes but temples. This stone Was Treated as a trailer of joy and optimism, and as an amulet not only ensuring success in life, but also good humor. It Was Believed that the stone protects against jealousy and evil charms.

It positively affects specific organs, parts of the body:
-Skin (skin diseases),
-Connectile tissue,
-Kidney (nephrolithiasis)
-Underbelly (improves the functioning of all endocrine glands, especially fallopian tubes and testicles, helps in cold, impotence, troubles with infertility),
-Heart (also stabilizes circulation),
-Strengthens memory,
-Works in hormonal disorders
-it acts as a discontraction,
-Assists with joint disorders,
-it is helpful in treating neuroses, generalised inflammatory and feachous conditions.

Effects on emotions and mental state: enhances mental balance, insight into yourself (in your own state of mind, contact with the subconscious), stimulates creativity and imagination. It Adds courage in situations of danger and difficulty when you need to act instantaneously and decisively. It is also a stone of compassion, understanding and acceptance, allowing you to look at a relationship that has ended uncomfortably with forgiveness and forget someone's guilt.

His Green color brings hope even in the dark "shadow zone", reminds that every man is connected to the Source of All and has the right to an unbounded abundance, love, joy and health.
He is also Regarded as a stone of abundance and attracting love (favours opening up to new love, helping to prepare for it).

It Makes you forget about past failures and that the barriers to love that arise from attitude and bad patterns disappear.
Facilitates Meditations by developing clairvoyance abilities.

The Energy of Chryzoopraz facilitates the exit from the feeling of being worse, less valuable. It Is a perfect stone for people who have a problem expressing themselves, he sets out to understand and collaborate with others, helps to find new situations and adapt to them.

It should be Worn by the person who has a positive attitude towards life (it will be even more strengthened), but above all those who are experiencing problems and for a long time feel bad (especially with an emphasis on bad, emotional well-being). Not for free, as you can see, Chrysoprase gained the nickname "Stone Optimists".

The Best works worn close to the body, the chakra which is affected by the heart chakra (it helps to remain in this energy; it combines willpower with the strength of the heart, helping to fulfill the desires of the heart).

There is a considerable divergence, depending on the sources, to be attributed to the signs of the zodiac.
Well, according to one of the sources, it should be worn by people from the sign: weight, cancer, virgins, while according to another source it favours the twins for it should avoid the person from the sign of the Virgin and Fish.

It Can energize drinking water, this should be consumed during the day.

We Cultivate Chryzoopraz by cleaning it with running water, charging it with the energy of the Moonlight or using the presence of mountain crystals, but we unload it similarly but this time with the help of Hematites.

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