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Combining Stones


Most of US love gems, but did you know that the connections of some of them might be unfortunable?

In The Book of Christopher Karen, "The Stones of life, or in the magical circle of Gems" is written:

"It is Worth mentioning not only the dangers of wearing stones with inappropriate vibrations, but also the pitting traps in mixing stones.

It must not be mixed e.g. Diamonds with amethysts, turquoise with sapphire and suntan.

Such a bad relationship of stones can have a very negative effect on a person recklessly wearing a gem.
Already in antiquity, precious stone was grouped into three so-called. Choirs.

The First belonged to the planets and consisted of:
Diamond, Sapphire, ruby, Turquoise, opal, amethyst.

The Second Choir (starship) consisted of:
Topazes, Onyksów, Beryls, Jasper, Chryzolites, Chryzoprazs, pomegranates, sardonixes, Hyacinth, Chalcedons and Heliotrops.

The Third (earthly) rearing consisted of:
Pearls, corals, amber.

In General, it is forbidden to mix stones belonging to different choers. "

Only in one Polish publication I found this information. However, I can say that these principles are at least my own.


Isabella Gruchalska

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