całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw

Energy of Stones-how to use it

Purpose, possibilities and limitations.

Although Spiritual Development As a tako is not conditioned, there are various limitations, emotional blocks and disturbances in life. To trigger them, a variety of mental supports, tricks, and facilitations are used.

The Energy of Stones is one of the easier and most effective methods of shamanic work.

Due to special properties, the most used semi-precious stones, minerals.

Choice of Stone.

Choose a few stones for the disorder, and one of the two stones for the general energy to be strengthened (which is associated with the main color of the aura). Mailing List of impaired-stone is very much,

Roughly, however, it can be said that the color of the stone is chosen which color is disturbed chakra.

Then, usually in the shop you choose a stone. It is Best to take a few on your hand and look at the most "speaks" to us. Which is the nicest for us.

You Can also take turns and investigate which affects the most-not only positively! If taken to hand the stone causes anxiety reactions-very good! -it brings out some block on top, which is helpful:)

Cleaning and storage.

After buying the stone it is good to clean it-in the store and at the fair of stones touches many people. Sometimes They leave something, the stone can "enter" even the spirit of the deceased person. If you can cleanse, ifStone Energy not, ask for help. It is good to Clean every now and then, once in a while, you also need to give rest to the stone.


For stones, the best technique seems to be incense and rest among other stones.



Some, type quartz, helps the light of the sun or moon, others, like turquoise, are destroying from it (they lose color). In Addition, stones are often destroyed by water (especially salted and such recipes are recommended in esoteric books).

Burping in the ground can be a good option but also risky-the stones do not come from moist soil only with much deeper layers of the earth.


The simple Way is to hold the stone during meditation and the companionship of stone during sleep (e.g. Under the pillow). It will then gently stimulate the appropriate energies. You only Need to remember not to exaggerate, because it leads to the overenergizing of the chakras.

The more advanced Way is by the imagination: Shrink yourself or enlarge the stone, then go inside. Feel the environment with its color, structure and friendly quality.

After finishing the work, put the stone to greet the associated helpful beings (m.in. The so-called Spirit of Stone).

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