całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw


Type: Female
Energy: Projection
Color: From Violet, through blue, green to white

-Inhibits otosclerosis-loss of hearing due to the formation of pathological bone tissue
-Anti-cancer, used by litototherapy especially in the treatment of lung and liver cancer
-Alleviating the effects of mental labor
-Prevents mental illness
-Cleanses the body, removes energy blockages and relieves the meridians-just put on a sick place
-Violet and blue Fluorspar promotes meditation
-Green Fluorspar improves physical condition
-indicated for examinations and stressdoing situations-removes panic, tremor and sharpen intuition
-Opens the Third eye chakra

The Elixir of Fluorspar added to the bath or used internally removes bone pain (rheumatic, tooth) and muscle. Drinking Elixir also strengthens nerves and removes anxiety)


It Protects during meditation, promotes the development of intellect, harmonizes the work of cerebral hemispheres. Facilitates contact with the subconscious, strengthens all bone structures (including teeth). Used in the magic of Begindays, fertility and justice and harvest. It Brings out visions and allows them to read properly. It Helps multiply the state of possession and protects the already acquired assets…


Note: There is very much fluorite of artificial origin, with nuclear radiation. They Have ungood vibrations and do not recommend them.

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