całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw


Pomegranate is a beautiful and rare stone, which like true love really hard to find. This one-of-a-kind stone will kindle the fire of Your passion and for many years does not allow him to fade

The Grenade is combined with the firepower of Kundalini, triggers talents and passions, adds motivation, helps in leaving out discouragement and depressive thoughts. It Urges the optimistic gaze of life, removes fear and regret to the people, restores joy. It is effective in situations where it is abandoned, abandoned by someone. Apparently, when you often work with a grenade and fulfill its role, its color will fade or the stone can perise.

The Grenade protects against the loss of money, adds courage in business conversations or with people highly placed in the hierarchy. It is Said that brings happiness in business and negotiation, is a stone of success in situations where it works


The Variety of the chemical composition of the mineral causes the occurrence of pomegranate in a very wide palette of colors (brownish, greenish, dark green, gray-brown and transparent). In jewellery applications, it is most often found in browned, very well translucent colours. A Very precious variety of jewelery is obtained in India black specimens, which after grinding give the effect of a cat's eye.

Group: Precious Stone of silicate group
Chemical Formula and Colour: General chemical formula: X3Y2 (SiO4) 3, where: X means calcium, magnesium, iron Fe + 2 or manganese and Y-aluminium, iron Fe + 3, chromium, titanium, zirconium, vanadium. Almadyn-Fe3A[SiO4]l23-dark red to redonrunatnej; Andradyt-Ca3Fe2[SiO4]3-brown, black, red; Grossular-Ca3Al23-[SiO4]colourless, green, orange; Pirop-Mg3Al23-[SiO4]from bright red to dark green; Spessartyn-Mn3Al23-p[SiO4]ink, brown, orange; Uwarowit-Ca3Cr23-Gree[SiO4]n; Rodolit-Fe3Al23 + Mg[SiO4]3Al23, t[SiO4]wo parts pyropu and one almandine-dark pink
Gloss: Glassy, greasy
Crystallographic System: Regular, most commonly, diadoletable Romb or twenty-four.
Mosa scale Hardness: 6.5-7.5, fragile
Density: 1.72 (Grossular)-4.30 (Almandyn) G/cm³ (depending on variety)
Cleavage: inexpressibility
Break: Uneven, Seashell

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PRESENCE: Almadyn (India, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania), Andradyt (Mexico, Serifos Island/Greece, Prince Of Wales Island, Alaska, Russia/Płw). Kola), Grossular (SOUTH Africa), Pirop (Czech Republic, SOUTH Africa, Russia, USA-Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah; Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Tanzania, Zaire, Zimbabwe, Mongolia), Spessartyn (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, Serifos Island/Greece), Uwarowit-Russia, Turkey, Iran, SOUTH Africa, Ethiopia, USA-Oregon), Rodolit (Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania).

Origin: magmatic rocks, metamorphic stones, crummy works, pegmatocytes


In order to take full advantage of the protection or medicinal properties of this mineral, it is necessary to use stones in an unpolished form. In jewellery made with the use of grenades it is important that the individual stones rub against each other. This Strengthens their beneficial power.

ASTROLOGY: Scorpion, Aries.
The People born under these signs are characterized by a quiet and passionate love, on the one hand, possessiveness and tenacity. They Patronate the god of the war Mars. People born under the sign of Mars are the people of action, people brave to madness, boldly pronounce their opinion, keeping the word, though merciless and violent disposition. In Love and friendship, the planet Mars creates violent pasties, which can result in the alienate of more sensitive friends. Before These less glorious features, it protects the wearing of a ring, pendant or broche with a grenade, because it fulfills the role of talisman in people who care to increase the positive values of their character. The Grenade is a birthday stone of the month of January. His Ward will lend a whole range of beautiful colors of life and love.

CHAKRAS: The Basics (first)

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Latin. Granatum

The Group of pomegranates include: Grossular, Pirop, Spessartyn, Almandyn, Rodolit, Uwarowit, Andradyt. The Name of this beautiful mineral is derived from the Latin name of the fruit of the Navy, whose grains resemble red pyropu crystals. The Colour of the grenades is varied: brown, red, yellow, green, black, colourless, etc. Only blue grenades are Not met.

PIROP-The most famous, most commonly used for ornamental purposes. It Owes this beautiful ruby red color. Often dark red, up to black, sometimes with not too desirable shade of yellowish. The Name comes from the Greek-Piropos, which is similar to fire.

ALMANDYN-dark red and violet blue by Brown red until almost black. In the light of artificial almandine is often light orange shade.

GROSSULAR-is lighter in colour than other pomegranate varieties, it is also colourless. The Name Grossularu comes from the Latin name of the gooseberry-Ribes grossularia.

SPESSARTYN is a colour of brown, brown-red, dark purple, sometimes with a violet hue. Nawa originates from the village of Spessartin Germany.

UWAROWIT-The emerald-green color owes the content of chromium. Mined in the Urals, Finland and Canada. Named in honor of the Russian Minister Uwarowa.

ANDRADYT-depending on the chemical composition has different colors. However, it deserves a green variety of andradite with high dispersion and strong heat. It Is a demantoid, which has the unique ability to have a strong rainbow splitting of light, causing a characteristic sparking-a phenomenon typical of the diamond. It is Characterized by a high refractive index and dispersion (fire), often greater than the diamond. This is also explained by his gemological name: Demantoid, or similar to a diamond. The name of the andradite comes from the mineralogist J. B. d ' Andrada.

RODOLIT-Pink and purple. The Most numerous found grenades come from the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Americas, Africa, Brazil, Ceylon, Scotland, Asia Minor, Bavaria, Tyrol, Ceylon, Madagascar and Australia.

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It has a high regenerative force that cleanss the chakras and promotes the circulation of energy throughout the body. I Stimulate survival instinct, adds courage, hope and inner strength. It Increases the willpower and belief in oneself, and in addition, it sharpen perception and clarity of mind. It Brings optimism, enhances the desire for life, revives the feeling of hope for the future and love for life, and therefore effectively treats depressive states, Melancholi and sadness.

This Stone is also associated with passionate love and recommends especially those suffering from a decline in sexual potency. It also Helps to regain energy in the vitality. It is also Suitable for treating dermatologic complaints, cardiac disorders, inflammatory conditions and anaemia.

Called A health stone, it removes and eliminates any imbalance in the physical, emotional and mental body. A Magnificent stone on the spine and cerebrospinal fluid, balances the bones and stimulates cellular structures. It Helps to balance sexual energies. Improves the assimilation of iodine, calcium, magnesium, Vit. A and E. Repairs destroyed DNA structures. It Removes negative karma, brings love and understanding to others. It Causes a calm flow of energy in the physical body. Lets Love the Earth.

Wearing Jewelry with pomegranate increases popularity in social circles, consolitens friendships, as well as assists in the treatment of depression. It Strengthens positive thinking and energy and brings hope.

Pomegranate is also a "stone of romantic love and passion". It Awakens the tide of passion and sexual energy and inadequacy. Gifting Jewellery with pomegranate as a gift is proof of devotion, tenderness and loyalty. It is also called a "Stone of success". It Strengthens willpower, logical thinking and internal motivation. It Adds courage to risk taking and promotes success. If your business in the chosen profession does not go as good as you would like, keep three or more pomegranate stones on your desk, and your success should be welcomed shortly.


Pomegranate is a stone indicated for those who are particularly difficult to make changes in life for fear of the unknown. Such people, even though they are not satisfied with the present state of affairs, cannot find the courage to break away from unhealthy relationships, habits, addicsions, or their own passivity. They simply do not believe in their abilities and therefore do nothing that could change their difficult position.
The Energy of Pomegranate allows you to overcome your own shyness and fear of change, because it builds courage and self-esteem, including that associated with your own sexuality. It Transforms jealousy, a swing of moods or the need to control others. We Trust each other, we accept ourselves and what we currently have, we appreciate all the things or skills that we have. We are Not afraid of anything wrong with others and, as in a self-fulfilling prediction, only good things meet us.
Pomegranate helps you overcome the risks and challenges that you face when you go for your dreams.

Pomegranate is a stone of new hope. It Symbolizes the flourishment in the time of depression and failures. Promotes Lighting the soul by rejecting negative thoughts and gloomy moods.

Held in hand or on his head while meditating on past life, the grenade assists in reaching the necessary information and revealing their consciousness, bringing truth and spiritual healing.

Known for centuries as a noble stone protecting from evil, worn by soldiers who embark on a battle as a talisman because of their protective properties. It is Believed that it brings success, peace and has healing properties, stopping bleeding. Holding the grenade under the pillow protects you from evil dreams. It is Believed that the grenade not only protects from bad energy, but also sends it back to its source. So If you suffer from rusting rumors or lies spreading by someone about you, then wearing a grenade will reflect all the negative energy vibrations and send them directly to the sender.


Effective for the treatment of circulatory and genital disorders. I Regulate menstrual disorders. In Addition, it prevents arthritis, renews the skin and counteracts the formation of wrinkles. I Activate the circulatory system and lymphatic system.

• Regulates blood pressure, strengthens the heart
• Used to treat rheumatic discomfort and inflammatory conditions of joints.
• Enhances Fitness and sexual activity.
• Improves bowel function and reproductive system.
• Supports the treatment of cancer, leukemia, allergy, asthma.
• Helpful in kidney and bladder disorders.
• Supports the circulatory system, the functioning of the thermal economy, eliminates the chronic dream.
• Increases the effectiveness of treatment of hormonal problems as well as hemorrhoids.
• Promotes the treatment of allergies, asthma. Strengthens the lungs.
Especially positive effect pomegranate has on thyroid regulation and spleen work. The two organs that are Applied to the area are cleansed.

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✴ Belief in the healing effect of pomegranates comes from the countries of the East, where already in the Middle Ages, powdered pomegranates were used as a cure-all for all ailments. In India, Almandym of a beautiful red hue was venerated as a sacred stone of the Buddha. These grenades were made Of rings, broochas, earrings and Gemma, on which the images of gods and emperors were carved. Coming from the first centuries of Christianity crosses, they are decorated very often with grenades. It Was Believed that an intense, purple-red colour influences attracting, perpeting love between people.

✴ Glossulary was thought to be the stones that negatively affect the human psyas. They Were supposed to sleep the will of the human being, that the holder was influenced by other people. On the Contrary, it was influenced by Melanite, a black grenade that had the desire to strengthen and make man forehand against enemies. He was also a talisman for those who worked to refine their character. The Crusaders in the expedition to the Holy Land used amulets with red grenades to guard them from wounds. Preserved to this day in many old-fashioned churches, the icons and luminaries of the Gospel shine from red grenades. In the Czartoryskich Museum in Cracow there is a tiny witch made of pomegranate, formerly owned by Anna Boleyn. Duchess Izabela Czartoryska entered her possession at the end of the 18TH century. In The numerous museums you can admire the beautiful tumors made of pipus, adorned with noble injuries, Karabel heads, brogues, rings and other ornaments. Today still pomegranate beautifully framed belongs to the sought-after jewelry.

✴ The History of amulets and talismans dates back to time immemorial. The Oldest excavations in Egypt and Greece come from 5 thousand. Years. It is difficult today to clearly assign to anyone a link between astrology and the magic of stones. If we go back to the ancient times, to the period of the Babylonian and even Asian cultures, where the stones fulfill the role of talismans, protecting the allegedly man from all the adversity, danger and illness, we notice how Great significance was the possession of amulet or talisman.

In the magical influence of stones it was essential to combine them with metals to achieve the desired effect and performance. Diamonds, Golden Heliotropy combined with gold. Emeralds, aquamarine, pearls and corals were generally framed in silver. Pomegranates, rubies, red spinels as stones closely related to Mars, the god of war, the symbol of unbending strength and power, the greatest power they had when they were connected to iron.

✴ In Addition to the decorative functions, it is also used for the production of abrasive materials.

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CARE: Grenades should be washed under running water and then charged with sunlight. It is Advisable to protect against sudden changes in temperature, as this may cause spatter.

For Whom:
Perfectionist, Performer, Boss, Mediator

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