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Hematite (Gr. Haema (Haima), blood; Haimatites, bloodthirsty; In relation to the red color of this mineral after its powdered)-a common mineral, iron (III) oxide. It Creates isometric crystals, short-chipping, thick-billed, plaque, plate, and sometimes needle-shaped. It Usually takes the form of a romboedron. It is also Found in clusters of broken and secretive (iron-red), coarse-crystal (iron), Shell and Infiltrative (yarner), pear, globular and kidney (glass-head), Roorite (Haematic Rose), and and Pylastych (haematic cream). Sometimes it creates pseudomorfozy after Magnetisation (MARTYT).


They Are also painted in silver and gold.

OCCURRENCE: Australia, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Morocco, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, USA
METHODS of USE: Worn on the body, worn in a pocket by the body, used for the energizing of drinking and medicated water for eye washing, used for meditation.
ASTROLOGY: Aries, Aquarius, Scorpio
CHAKRAS: The base Chakra (root)

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It Stimulates areas with an energy shortage. Protective Stone against Earth radiation, veins and watercourses.

The Hematite also protects against the radiation of the jumps and tectonic grooves, which is very similar to the radiation of veins and watercourses. The Intensity of this radiation is often much higher than for the radiation of watercourses.

Hematite is also called a yarer. The name from the Middle Ages indicates the main scope of its action. It Positively affects everything that binds to blood: its production, blood circulation, bleeding, menstruation. Facilitates the absorption of iron. Regulates hypertension, prevents excessive muscle contraction and accelerated pulse. It Treats bladder diseases and helps in the ailments of the spine. In the mental sphere inspires the joy of life, adds courage and strengthens the will.

Very Strong stone, well programmed pulsed negative energy, diseases… Any negates, HARMONIZES-this is the best word that can define it: the chakras, the economy… It depends on your needs, it also has a good impact on beauty, on bones, feel like the strength is spreading… Probably with blood, I had the impression of a leak of some of the cracks, strengthens… It seems that it also helps to resist.
Honestly, I felt like he had his own soul… Let us cultivate about him and he will take care of us smile emoticon

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Care: Insert overnight into the freezer compartment. Charging is not needed.
(The more he says to sometimes put him into the ground, however, it is not necessary-it is strong)
Use mountain crystals to Pull Out bad energies.

Note! Can not come in contact with water!
DO not STICK With OTHER STONES-it unloads.

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