całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw


Jadeit is a very popular stone in Chinese culture, it was also used to make jewelry by the Mayan, who attributed him magical properties.
The Maya believed Jadeit to be the most powerful talisman, which ensures happiness, prosperity and good marriage. This Stone was also highly appreciated in China and Asia. The Mayans put jade beads in the lips of the dead, so that in this second unknown world he gave them a substitute for their hearts.
In China, it is a symbol of power, good luck and fortune. It Helps to keep money with you. Its name comes from the Spanish word Piedras de ijada-kidney stone, therapists treat jade bladder and kidney disease.


OCCURRENCE: Burma, China, Russia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Zambia, USA
Burma-is the largest supplier of jade; Since more than 200 years he has been supplying China with the Imperial Jade. Guatemala-where jadeite axes and ancient seedlings exploited by the Maya, China-varieties with beautiful green colour "Yunan jade", Japan-material is not suitable for jewellery purposes. Italy-Piedmont, USA-California (often it is a mixture with jade). It is also Found in Tibet, Russia (Kazakhstan), Costa Rica, Australia,

New Zealand-The jade mined here is called by Maorysów Pounamu. In his search for the Maori were conducting expeditions in the most inaccessible areas of the South Island. Pounamu was valued for the hardness and sharpness of the edges-Maori, like other Ponesians, did not have access to metals. It was also Attributed to mystical significance.

Poland is famous for its Jade mine in the village-Tąpadła at the foot of Góra Ślęża in Lower Silesia (there is a small aggregates), it is also found in the Kaczawskie Mountains.

Jadeit is mainly found in crystalline slate and metamorphic rocks to form at low temperatures and relatively high pressures. It is Often found in serpentine, sometimes in amphibians and transformed Gregores.

METHODS of USE: Worn on the body, located on the forehead in the vicinity of the kidneys or under the pillow, worn in the pocket, for energizing drinking water, for meditation.

ASTROLOGY: Aries, Cancer, Weight, Pisces.
Jade is a symbol of power and fortune, and its planet is Mercury, which endows those who patronate the jade of intellect and brilliance in action. Jadeit is a patronising stone for the days Born:
21 August-9 September
Born in the sign of jade, people are not only industrious, but also resource, accompanied by the prosperity of fate. Jadeit gives them a springe through which they manage to get help from other people, to succeed in all areas of life at a relatively low cost, but not hurt anyone. It Helps to survive all failures. In the love of the people whom the patronymic jade are balanced, they like to be loved, although they do not attach to the affective life of too much significance. They are Not particularly ravishing, neither passionate, and probably because they focus too much on themselves.

CHAKRAS: Solar Plexus (jade with yellow colouring)
Heart Chakra (jade with green colour)

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✴ GREEN-Former merchants kept the jade in their hands during the negotiations, for better conditions. The stone of businessmen, especially traders, is Also today recommended. Jadeit helps you quickly make decisions and bargain perfectly. On the emotional level it fosters self-realization, increases self-confidence and perseverance in pursuit of goals. It Is called a "dreaming stone", apparently holding it under the pillow can get dreams full of hints.

✴ AFRICAN-Jadeit can be used as an amulet to attract wealth. While holding the stone in your hand, create a positive attitude towards your money and imagine how you use your money in a creative and constructive way. When making an important decision about the work, the company, the investment hold the jade when you are considering different ways of proceeding, Jade evens out mental clarity and reasoning.
In ancient times it was used jade to attract fulfilled love, today in China, the Butterflies of Jade are performed as a symbol of love. Jadeit is also a protective stone that protects against life failures. To Program it for protection, you need to put a stone or a product from it between two hundred purple candles and light candles for a short time. Green soothing color of jade will heal the body in an energetic way if the cause of the ailment is not physical.

✴ PEACH-In Chinese culture peach fruit and peach color symbolize a good fortune and longevity, as well as the joy of life and blessings from fate.

✴ BLACK-Black Jade is a stone for purification and protection, on the physical and spiritual level. In particular, it is used to safeguard against the influence of collective consciousness, from the Morphogenetic field, for example in times of economic crisis, social risks. This Stone also comes with you on a journey for protection.
Jade Black is also used for internal purification, with fears, negative patterns and behavioral habits, with destructive emotions such as jealousy, anger, hatred, and also with emotional memories.
Spiritual development People can use the black jade to recover the soul and the shamanic journey to face their shadow energy, transform it and return with the reborn forces.

✴ OLIVE-Jade Olive is a combination of the properties of green jade and yellow jade. It is Used when there is a need for deeper understanding, change of views, when transformation transitions and enters a different stage of development. Jade Olive as a talisman adds strength and perseverance, is recommended for purposes and long-term, challenging, challenging time and effort.

✴ JADE-Nefryt is a variety of jade, especially popular in Chinese culture. The Chinese used Jade to perform longevity talismans, as well as amulets to avoid trouble and bad luck. They Believed that this stone favours changes in life for the better and good fortune.

✴ BLUE-Dianit-Jade Blue is sometimes called "philosophical stone" because its energy favours looking at the world from a higher perspective, without going into trivial and nothing meaningful matter. Jade Blue is a stone of vision and conscious dreaming, spiritual knowledge and understanding. It Calms the emotional body and inhibits the excessive energy of the elemental fire, which often provokes habitual anger, exaggerate thinking about sex and hyperactivity.

✴ YELLOW-Jade Yellow is a stone of happiness and joy of life, its energy is stimulating and motivating to act. It is Recommended for single people who want to feel more connected to people and the world. Yellow is the colour of the Sun, so this stone can be donated to someone who feels bad in the winter to have a more optimistic approach. It is also Said that yellow stones, such as Yellow jade, amber, yellow jasper or lemons, help to deal with financial troubles.

✴ IMPERIAL/EMPEROR-attracting wealth and good luck to life.

Chloromelanit-a green to black colour, containing a significant percentage of iron. It is Found in Mexico, New Guinea, Switzerland, France.

Astrydyt-A variety of dark green jade, rich in chromium, found in New Guinea (the lighter spots come from the hypertrophy of quartz and the opal. It is Found in olivine rocks.



DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Supports digestive system, spleen

HEART: Strengthens the Heart

URINARY tract: Supports urinary bladder

GENERAL EFFECTS: Depression, insomnia, infertility, bone system, supports the immune system, strengthens the body's immunity, relieves symptoms of flu and common cold

Supports: Peace, wisdom, balance, decision making

It Strengthens: Success, loyalty, appreciation, self-realization, faith in the Siebia, perseverance in pursuit of the goal

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It Is a stone truly remarkable, forming long in the interior of the Earth, accumulating powerful energy. It Is a favorite stone (not counting the mountain crystal) of biotherapists who use the energy of stone to support it in their treatments.

• Jadeit is an amulet against spells and evil spirits

• Protects against Lightning strikes

• Treats with kidney and liver pain and diseases,

• Removes toxins from the kidneys

• Alleviates Bladder disorders

• Strengthens the work of the spleen, enhances immunity

• Relieves Shingles

• Improves Digestive system Performance

• Clears blood, regulates hypertension, assists in healing of postoperative wounds

• Strengthens the body and gives longevity

• Removes depression, treats from cold

• It Is helpful with contracches and so-called "restless leg syndrome", strengthens bones

• Increases Fertility in men-acting well on the testicles

• Balances and heals the whole organism, harmonizes it, relares nerves

• Improves the work of the heart and Thymer

• Acting on the thyroid gland has a rejuvenating effect, and also improves the absorption of iodine and supports parathyroid work

• Helps dehydration The body, which is helpful for weight loss

• The Jade worn at the body evens the level of chi in the body, also helps in disorders of the nervous system

• Harmonizes also gives patience and renews relationships with Mother Earth

• Opens the mind to the beauty of the universe and promotes spiritual development

• Thanks to its influence on the heart deepens the associated feelings

• As an amulet, the jade should be worn directly on the body (necklace, pendant, bracelet). Provide this has not only prosperity allowing you to keep your money with you, but also long and happy life

• In Natural therapy, Jade strengthens the body and helps to derive knowledge from past incarnations.

• Brings a strong and restful sleep. People suffering from insomnia and having nightmares, should lay jade near the bed, and this will make them have pleasant and calm dreams.

• Jade, like Jade, is a crystal radiating wisdom and peace. In The house creates a friendly atmosphere, providing visitors.

• A Stone of calm and wisdom, a talisman attracting success, friendship and loyalty.

• Jade Stone-It is recommended especially for people with problems expressing feelings. It Harmonizes the body: etheric, Astral and emotional, to unite and act in unity bringing peace, relaxation and harmony.

• According to Confucius, Jade symbolizes the unity of spirit and mind.

• Is Glorified as the personification of beauty and spiritual values.

• Esoterides believe that it allows you to reap the strength and knowledge of past incarnations, especially those surviving in the East.

• As the Holy Stone of Mystics, it is connected with the five main virtues: courage, justice, compassion, modeness and wisdom.

• The Maya of Jade recognized as a talisman the strongest in ensuring happiness, prosperity and good marriage. The Deceased put the beads from the jade into the mouth, so that in the second world they preached to give them a sense of heart, and also guarded their soul from lurking demons in the hereafter.

• The Maori of New Zealand Jade called Pounamu and valued it for the hardness and sharpness of the edges. In the search for this stone they became the most inaccessible areas of the South Island.

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Spinal Pain, hips, cranks, kidney coals

✴ At The coals of the kidney, spine, hips, cranks, small pieces of jade (or beads or jade figurines) are placed on the sick place and on the solar plexus to strengthen and accelerate its operation. Pieces of Jade can also (in the case of the pain of the cross and the root), sew it in a strip of material and wear the whole day directly on the body.

Strengthening Treatments

✴ If The body is generally weakened, it should be placed under the caudate or in the vicinity of the navel.

Treatment with Infertility

✴ In The case of infertility it is recommended to wear jade all day on the second Chakram-under the navel-(above the pubic hill). Pieces of stone or beads can be sew to the material so that the stone touches the skin. You Can also glue it to the plastic to prevent it from sliding off. When pregnancy becomes a fact-do not abandon the jade, because it makes the future mother becomes calmer. Jadeit also relieves the pains of childbirth.

Treatment with Migraine

✴ Jadeit is an inrated drug against migration, relieving pain and alleviating its course. It is Necessary to place a piece of jade (washed under running water) in the middle of the forehead and emits in its vibration and hue-and the pain will flow away.

Treatment with influenza

✴ Jadeit also improves immune system operation and thus strengthens immunity. During viral infections or flu-relieves the course of the disease by helping to get rid of viruses.

To alleviate the effects of the flu, we recommend to put 7 small jade pebbles on 7 Places of energy (seven chakras) by arranging comfortably in the lying position. The Area of the coccyx, under the navel, on the solar pleat, on the chest in the middle, around the heart, at the base of the neck, in the middle of the forehead, and at the top of the scalp. We Lie-drawing energy from the jadeites arranged in energy centers and after 25 minutes, our condition should be improved. After finishing the procedure-we wash the stones under running water, and then thoroughly dry. (It is Best to do this in the light of the Sun, or in the light and warmth of the bulb (except for fluorescent or energy-saving). We perform the Procedure 3 times a day.

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