całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw


It is Often referred to as the mother of any stones.
The name Jasper means "spotted" in Greek. Jasper is a beautiful stone, formed from minerals-quartz and chalcedone. It is Considered a medicinal stone.

Energy, Vitality
Anti-stress Stone, strengthens the immune system, improves eyesight, hearing, supports the treatment of liver, spleen and kidney. It Intensifies its willingness to settle down. Facilitates the establishment of the family. In relationships, it supports peace, trust and harmony. It Is a balm for the soul thanks to the fact that it supports partnership and family. It Helps to avoid spontaneous demolition. Jaspisy are very strong talismans that improve the atmosphere at work and in the family.

PRESENCE: Mexico, Russia, United States, China, India or Poland

WAYS to USE: Jasper should be worn as close to the body as possible.

ASTROLOGY: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn.
Subordinated astrological: Merkuremu, Mars, Jupiter.

CHAKRAS: The Equivalent work of all endocrine glands (which in esoteric correspond to the so-called Energy centers, or chakras) and thus evens out the Biofield, or the aura of man.

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Jasper is a stone which has very many varieties and different color versions. All varieties retain the general characteristics of the Jasper, but they still have their own additional properties.
Jaspis is generally a supportive and sedative stone, especially for people living in stress. It Helps in dealing with people, restores the sense of unity and connection, both with itself and with others, helping to alleviate conflicts. Jasper can be used for meditation, solifolding, working with the Snami. In practical Life, Jasper encourages action, transforming ideas into reality, helping you to organize your time well and keep discipline in pursuit of your goal.

A protective Stone because it is a negative energy. It has a calming Effect on the nervous system, adds confidence to us positively influences the stress of flocks often called anti-stress stone. The Red Jasper strengthens our crop and promotes realistic thinking, while yellow contributes positively to spiritual development and allows us to perceive the phenomena of the poise.

Traditionally, it is considered a stone of energy, vitality and well-being.
Especially worn directly on the body-balances the work of all endocrine glands, (which in the esoterysis correspond to the so-called. Energy centers, that is, the krams) and thus aligns the biopole, that is, the aura of man. Maybe precisely, that's why stone experts claim that his healing power lies in the purification of the physical body and the so-called. The invisible bodies of the subtle, surrounding human form. This strengthens the immune system. The yellow Jasper-apart from many powers-has and that every woman can wake up erotically. Brown similarly works on men. Jaspisy are very strong talismans, improving the atmosphere of work and family.

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Basanit – a black variation of Jasper,
Agatical Jasper – Grown up with agate, speckled yellow, green or browned Jasper,
Egyptian jasper – Red or yellow,
Landscape Jasper – A brown with a picturesque appearance,
Striped Jasper – a surface covered with coloured layers,
A Jasper from Nunkirchen, a whitish jasper that is blue to imitated lapis Lazuri,
Mookait – an Australian pink or speckled red spotted jasper,
Corovine – Fine-grained, rosewood variety of Jasper,
Silex – in yellow, red and brown colour,


✴ JASPIS RED (Royal)-Jasper Red is a strong protective stone. It Protects against things that are not beneficial to the wearers, reduces the impact of stress on the emotional state, gives a sense of stabilization and solighting. It Protects against the fears that overlap people in the evening and at night. Jasper is one of the oldest known stones, it has been renamed several times in the Bible. Jaspis is a stone of independence and a bold expression of its truth. It is Recommended for actors.

Its red color causes iron atoms, is a variation of chalcedone.

-Uzdrawia old wounds of the soul

-Reincarnation Therapy

-Clears channels, meridians

His lesson is: Learn to love and take care of yourself

Its energy is firmly deposited in reality, helps to overcome the drug, teaches how to approach it rationally and how to deal with problems practically.
Red Jasper strengthens our crop and promotes realistic thinking
The soldiers Wored him, because he protected him from the wounds of death.
They should also wear those who have authorities. This Stone teaches how to dominate and overcome your own weaknesses.

It Works on the BASE CHAKRA. It Activates energy in the feet and connects us to the energies of the Earth.

It Triggers deep peace and relaxation, cleanses and harmonizes life energies. This is why it is ideal for situations where nerve silencing or excessively excited emotions are needed.

He was considered a miraculous healing stone for illness and power to fight against adage.

It Helps to overcome depression.

In ancient Egypt it was used for women'S diseases.

The Red variation of the Jasper Works strongly protective, protects from evil spells. Red counteracts the attraction of bad people (often replaced with a red ribbon).

✴ JASPIS DALMATIAN (money, prosperity)-a stone of warriors, for success, for the establishment of its own company Jasper symbolizes willpower, in the Middle Ages was considered a stone of warriors. Jaspis adds courage to strive for successes, and ideas to translate into deeds. It is Especially recommended for people who own their own company. The Ancient Egyptians performed the amulets of Jasper to increase sexual energy and attractiveness. Jasper is also considered a healing stone, which protects against depression and negative thinking; Relieves stress, restores calm, suitable for people who quit smoking.

It is a stone that saturating its holder with monetary energy. Among The minerals it represents money, wealth, abundance.

In ancient Rome was considered a symbol of prosperity.

It Causes a revival. HELPS Fight laziness!!!

It belongs to the family of quartz. It Is opaque, and in its interesting palette has almost all the colors, although of course predominate black and white in all shades.

✴ JASPIS DALMATIAN VIOLET (stone warriors, increase attractiveness, start new activity)

Jasper symbolizes willpower, in the Middle Ages was considered a stone of warriors. The Ancient Egyptians performed the amulets of Jasper to increase sexual energy and attractiveness. The Dalmatian Jasper is, among other things, a protective stone. It Protects not only against external influences, but from the inside, for example, against depression and negative thinking. The Dalmatian Jaspis adds determination to make your ideas not only wear in your head, but to translate them into action. Because of its energy is suitable for people startingh something new, assuming a company, beginning construction of a house or a large project.

✴ JASPIS "Leopard Skin" (back to the bright side of life)

It's a stone perfect for delicate people who want to cure their emotional wounds and say goodbye to unpleasant events from the past, even very distant. By balancing different extres You will give you more confidence and the ability to express yourself in the world. Jasper "Leopard Skin" helps us realize the reasons we are on Earth. It Helps in a thorough assessment of the situation and the achievement of its goals. If you are afraid of your "dark Side", this Jasper will give You the opportunity to understand that the way to the light runs through the acceptance and harmonization of darkness.

He Anchors firmly in the everyday life and makes him who carries it with him, knows how to use his talents and put them to work, to realize themselves through them in life. It Protects and supports when life goals are fulfilled according to the Karic plan. It facilitates concentration and spiritual development.

✴ JASPIS-(Helps realize Dreams) (energy of power places, consciousness of the Earth, Help for entrepreneurs)

(also called mosaic, landscape)-green and gray. Supports all creativity, creativity, opens locks. It Helps when drawing, painting, sculpturing. Facilitates meditation and visualisation. Spiritually developed People bring visions from past incarnations.

Works on the base witch. He Activates Energy in the feet and connects us to the energies of the Earth.

It Triggers deep calm and relaxation, cleanses and harmonizes vital energy.

It Helps to connect with the smooth force of the Earth. A Stone that balances emotions, silting, can also be a great stone for people hypersensitive to the crystalline energy of other stones or wishing to gradually develop the process of energy. Ideal for situations where nerve silencing and excessively excited emotions are needed.

A wonderful Stone, guarding from headache and lethargy. It Treats internal hemorrhages, bloodings. He was Worn by soldiers as a talisman against the deadly passage of blood. Red counteracts the attraction of bad people (often replaced with a red ribbon).

When meditating with a picture light, stare at the pattern on its surface, you can get hidden information; Apparently this message is unique to every person and sometimes comes from a distant past. This Is a particularly helpful stone for entrepreneurs and business people-helping them to maintain what they have already gained, and to develop the company through the right moves.
Picture Jasper is like a portal that connects a man with the energy of holy places and places of power, helps to understand the message and match the messages obtained from these sources to his specific life situation. It is also Said that a picture Jasper brings knowledge from ancient highly developed civilizations, especially when it comes to their spiritual and magical knowledge.

✴ JASPIS OCEAN (meditation, peace of mind, patience and acceptance)

Jasper Ocean is a stone with a calving energy mind and soothing emotions. It Helps you to love yourself, accept incoming events, teach patience and responsibility for your own conduct. Meditation with Jasper Ocean evens out the truth that all people are interconnected, and that nature is cyclical. This Stone is recommended for relaxation meditation and breathing exercises.

✴ JASPIS LEMON (calm, relaxation, delicate protection)

The Energy of lemon Jaspy relaxes, brings peace, calm and a sense of fulfillment. Lemon Jasper By some is called a care stone, due to its delicate, protective properties.

✴ JASPIS "Picasso" (during the period of increased stress, support in conflict, assertiveness and quick thinking)

Jasper is like a best friend, this stone helps in periods of increased stress, calms and restores the feeling that everything will work out over time. Jaspis facilitates "shamanic journeys" and helps to remember significant dreams. His Energy protects man and keeps him clean, cleanses the chakras and the whole aura. Jasper balances the energies of yin and yang, protects against electromagnetic radiation.
At An emotional level, Jasper adds determination to follow his goals and behave assertively in the face of problems. In particular, it gives support in conflict. Jasper stimulates organizational abilities and ability to quickly think, energizes the body and promotes the manifestation of desires.

✴ SESAME JASPIS (Calm, harmony, assisting healing processes)

Like all Jaspisy, sesame Jasper is a stone supporting man, especially during the period of stress and troubles. Its Energy balances all the chakras and has a sedative effect. It Is a good stone for assisting forces during physical and emotional healing, recommended for therapists and healers.

✴ JASPIS "Snake Skin" (protection, mood enhancement, sedation)

Jasper was one of the favorite stones in the ancient world, the name Jasper appears in the Hebrew, Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Latin sources. On The surface of the Jasper there are patterns that are the addition of other minerals. Very often varieties of Jasper are called according to the appearance of the pattern, this is called "Snake Skin".
Jasper "Snake skin" protects against negative influences, and if you are going on an exotic journey, apparently protects against the bite of a snake or spider. This Stone protects and at the same time calms, wearing it with you can increase stabilization and sense of safety. Wear It also for general mood enhancement and attitude to life, helping to overcome sadness and the effects of stress. It is Said that it attracts what it needs.

✴ JASPIS ZEBRA (courage, perseverance, problem solving)

The Zebra Jasper is a variation of Jasper in black and white patterns and stripes, a little bit like a zebra. It Is a stone with energy of motivation, transformation, exiting Apathi and putting ideas into practice. The Zebra Jasper Stone also adds courage to overcome problems as well as perseverance to bring the tasks started to an end.

✴ JASPIS YELLOW (Good Energy, better mood)

Yellow Jasper provides protection during work on spiritual development, meditation, as well as when you travel. It Is a stone that attracts good, positive energy, wearing it with you you can feel better, on-energized and lighter after getting rid of the baggage unnecessary worries. Use the energy of the yellow Jasper to hold a life mission so as not to get out of the course.
In addition, it awakens women erotically, as men brown.

Regulates the work of solar plexus (like all minerals in this hue). Cleansers the liver, gallbladder, spleen and kidneys. It Helps to expor t sand and deposits and prevents them from forming. To this end, it is necessary to sip between meals water, in which a clean stone has been soar for at least 6 hours.
In Addition, it repairs and protects the aura in the lower parts of the body (thighs, knees, calves, feet).

Litototherapy also recommend it to heal children (intestinal colicks, bloating, etc.)

Esoterides Note that it can be very helpful for people who are easily debasing on the road and are prone to various "temptations" and quickly fall into the traps of addictions. They should be worn directly on the body and in the pockets of the wardrobe.

I Recall that in various cultures the Jaspisas were and are still considered to be very strong talismans attracting wealth and providing life force, health, good humor and harmonious partnerships.

✴ JASPIS "Rainforest" (Regeneration, renewal, healing of the planet, connection with nature)

Jaspis Rainforest is a stone connection with nature and Mother Earth, raising awareness that all organisms are interconnected – humans, animals, plants and minerals. It is Recommended for people who feel the need to heal our planet and heal people by renewing contact with natural forces. It Encourages lifestyles compatible with nature and ecology, without overeating, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and other habits that have a bad effect on the body.
Jaspis Rainforest has a healing and energizing vibrating – it is the energy of rebirth, renewal, especially for those who have lost hope for the future. It Is the energy of growing, just as plants grow. This stone is useful during periods of saddness and depression, or in situations of pressing through excess troubles, losing interest in life. A Jaspis rainforest reminds you that life is a precious gift and you can awaken in yourself joy.

✴ JASPER MAKOWY "Poppy" (courage, survival, optimism)

A Variety of Jasper with distinctive red patterns. "Poppy" in English means "poppy", the patterns are similar to the color of a blossoming poppy. It Is a stone of energy and courage, tied with the first chakra-chakras base. Helpful in cases involving health and survival, raises the level of energy and vitality of the body.
It also Acts as a protective stone, increases physical endurance. In ancient times, this stone was worn by warriors to add courage to the fight, today it promotes the preservation of an optimistic gaze on life. Some people say that it also helps in dealing with animals.

✴ JASPIS KAMBARA (remedy for strained nerves, fear and restlessness, calm and stabilization for home)

Jaspis Kambara is a good remedy for tense nerves, and also helps to deal with fear and anxiety. Jasper Kambara consolipts and protects, his energy dispels negative thoughts and strengthens self-confidence. Putting a Jasper of Kambara in a house or apartment recalls to this place peace and stability.

✴ WOOD JASPER (Rebirth, overcoming limitations)

Jasper is an excellent stone for people who want to start their lives again-find a new way, switch to another way of thinking, reborn mentally. It Helps to overcome limitations and free ourselves from fear, gives support in stressful situations, protects the energy of the person who wears it. Jasper was used by shamans for magical rituals, and by Indians he was considered a sacred stone.

✴ JASPIS "brecciated Jasper" (Focus, mental clarity, feelings of happiness)

Jaspis "brecciated Jasper" is a form of Jasper, which additionally contains hematite. It's a perfect stone for people who want to heavily walk the feet on the ground, not distracts, feel integrated and fully power here and now. This variety of Jasper has regenerative and rejuvenating energy-encourages mental focus, promotes clear thoughts and a general sense of happiness. It Absorbent negative energies and helps to have a positive perspective on life.

✴ JASPER BROWN And ORANGE-According to American Esoterics, who use the knowledge of the Indians, cures, dares and protects the aura. It Helps to remove the "sting of trauma" from her and painful memories. It Stops mental attacks and any "negative energy shots". It Lowers the level of anxiety and relieves physical pain.

During meetings and receptions Suto zakrapinych alcohol acts as a guardian of our subtle bodies and prevents them from penetrating the alien beings.

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CARE: Do not put it in the sun. Stored together with the Hematite acquires new energy. When its glow starts to fade it is necessary to rinse the stone under running hot water. This Is to cleanse the Jasper from the accumulated negative energy.

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