całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw

Mountain Crystal

Transparency and beautiful shine of the mountain crystal, make it associated with diamonds, hence the name of the diamonds from Herkimer for crystals coming from this circle, which are exceptionally transparent.

Its name comes from the Latin word krystallos, or ice, and the anciently believed that these were the pieces of ice that were formed in distant, extremely cold places.
The mountain Crystal is found in Brazil, France, the USA, Burma, and in Poland we can find it in Lower Silesia, in the Krkonoše mountains or in the Jizerské Hory.


Properties of the Mountain crystal

Its remarkable physical properties, such as piezoelectricity and resistance to acids and alkalis, are applicable to many fields of science and industry.
However, not only is it valued there.
The Romans used it as a lens for the hard-to-heal wounds, and the legend of its icy origins made it valued as a cooling stone during hot weather.

Mountain Crystal Action

The Ancient Egyptians believed that there was a closed magical energy in it.
Already in ancient times it was believed that this mineral strengthens and develops the gift of clairvoyance. Perhaps that is why he later found use in visionary as a crystal sphere. In the balls made of him, you could see the future, or get an answer to a question.
Medieval Alchemists claimed that this stone is a receiver of signals from space and the astral world.
The mountain Crystal, placed under the pillow, prevents nightdreaming and solves the problem of insomnia.

He was Valued (and is still) also for the manufacture of talismans and amulets.
In This form, the wearers will attract peace and well-being. By the Indians he was considered a stone of hunters and was supposed to provide a fruitful hunt.

The mountain Crystal is great for people who need increased immunity,
It Will also be helpful for people who are in contact with negative energies or emotions, because one of its qualities is precisely the protective effect.

The Crystal not only worn as an amulet can help us. Also, water prepared with its help, has healing properties. It is necessary To prepare a large mountain crystal, previously thoroughly cleaned.


Mountain Crystal – cleansing and care


We Put It overnight in the cold and clean water, and in the morning this water will drink.
Crystal Water adds vital energy, improves mood and relieves stress symptoms.
It also Works well with depression, immunological problems, infections, osteoporosis and eczema. It Can also Help in the treatment of chronic influenza, tumors, poisoning. Neutralizes harmful radiation.
It is Worth trying it out on a hangover…


The Simplest method of purification of the mountain crystal is to place it under a stream of cold water and hold it there for a while.
You can also bury into the clean sand and so leave for a few days. We can hold this Sand in a pot, or a container on the window, so that the sun's rays are also rained.
Exposed to the lunar light, the crystal will also relive its power.


If we decide to buy a crystal, it is worth checking its clarity-the bigger the stronger the crystal. Let Us, however, first of all be intuitive. Ideally, if we feel that we feel like it… Eat, or… Drink.


Mountain Crystal

Mountain Crystal is a common variant of quartz.
There are several varieties of mountain crystal, and each of them has its own properties.
The Varieties of crystal have different colors and properties depending on what the additional elements are. And so we have: Amethyst, Lemon, Quartz Pink, Blue or Smoke, as well as a milky, opaque quartz variation, which bears the name of the Milky Quartz.

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