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Cyanit Kyanit Dysten

Colour-White, blue, grey, green, yellow
Group-Pegmatyty, metamorphic rocks, alluvial deposits
Mosa Hardness-6-7 transficially, 4-4.5 according to elongation
Density-3.55-3.66 g/cm³
Chemical Formula-Polymorphic variety of aluminium silicate Al2SiO5
Transparency-Transparent, translucent
Refractive Index (reflection) 1,710-1.734
Gloss-Glassy, pearlescent
Splitting-Excellent (100)
Throat Chakra
Archangels/Angels-Gabriel, Metatron, Raguel
Care-It is very fragile, easy to loot, is sensitive to heat, wash in cold water.
Occurrence-India, Korea, USA, Greenland, Australia, Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Ural, Switzerland, Austria, France, Finland, Sudety, the Sowich Mountains, the vicinity of Śnieżnika and Złotoryi
It is Formed under conditions of high temperature and pressure, a component of many metamorphic rocks rich in aluminium.
Cyanite-(Kyanit-from the Greek word Kyanos-blue) is by Esoterics considered the stone of the breakthrough of the 21ST century. Many of them claim that no other mineral so cleanses the aura of humans, animals and plants. In addition, his vibrations build a bridge between the mind and the higher Self, between the radiant body and the brain. It Supports people in the difficult process of transformation, in spiritual and intellectual development, facilitates contacts with other dimensions. Cyanite superbly opens, cleanss and stimulates the flow of energy in the meridians and impacts it on the right points of the body can replace acupuncture and acupressure to unlock the flow of energy in the body. The cyanitic Chopsticks also cleansed the blocked chakras, i.e. energy centers acting along the main energy channel.
This Mineral facilitates meditation, concentration or relaxation, also develops parapsychiczne abilities, especially clairvoyance. Cyanite works not only on subtle bodies. It Perfectly regenerates the nervous system, stimulates the work of the brain, harmonizes the work of the thyroid gland, promotes treatment of inflammatory conditions, regulates pressure. Apparently indisputable therapeutic effects give a combination of the energy of three minerals-selenite, cyanite and Turmaline. Selenit directs pure light to the mind that cyanite influences, the tourmaline conveys healing information to the physical body. While Silencing the nervous system, it is worth combining the properties of cyanite with the vibrations of the green Turmalin. According to many outstanding healers in the work of minerals, cyanite should be used in all cases of instability and mental disorders, disability, epilepsy, autism, as well as after the brain shocks, strokes, or Meningitis.
It is also Ideal for periods of accelerated physical growth and during major transformational processes, as well as in return situations (e.g. Marriage, divorce, love profession, etc.).
It is also a very friendly stone for newborns, especially for the so-called. Old Souls. Everyone who needs the energy of this stone-apart from laying it on their own body should wear it with them.

From each other I add… After reediting

Planet: Primum Mobile (Primary Driving Force); Neptune and less Jupiter

Zodiac Sign-Shows me between Aquarius and Pisces and between 31-4 April

Archangel and Angel: I am most strongly involved in meditation with Metatron and Raguel (Gabriel in general did not show me), but to my light surprise appeared with him Saitel (birth angel)

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