całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw



Lemon is a very rare, yellow Quartz variation. It is a transparent stone and its yellow colour Is derived from traces of iron occurring as an admixture in its construction.
Yellow coloration of Lemon is very rarely found in nature and therefore a common jewelery effect for the achievement of a stone similar to natural Lemon is the heating of Amethyte or smoke Quartz.

Group: Gemstone from the group of Quartz
Colour: Yellow, gold-plated, lemon yellow, yellow-orange
Chemical Formula: SiO2 (silicon dioxide)
Gloss: glassy, breaking fat
Crystallographic System: trigonal
Mosa-scale Hardness: 7; Brittle
Density: 2.65 g/cm³
Luplishness: Barely perceptible
Break: Seashell
Origin: Pegmatyty, magmatic rocks, hydrothermal works, Alpine-type veins, alluvial deposits

PRESENCE: Brazil, USA (Colorado, Karolina Płn, New Hampshire), Mexico, Canada, Madagascar, Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Scotland
METHODS of USE: Worn on the body, placed on the flesh, worn in the body pocket, for the energy of drinking water, water with ergethyzized lemon and amethyst should be rub into the scalp, for meditation
ASTROLOGY: Gemini, Virgo, Lion
CHAKRAS: Solar Plexus

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DIABETES: Strengthens the pancreas, helpful in diabetes, improves blood circulation

Inflammation: inflammation of the womb, dermatitis, arthrosis (arthritis), gastritis

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Improves digestion, strengthens intestines, stomach and spleen

GENERAL IMPACT: Strengthens the immune system, helpful with meteoropathy, in metabolic problems, strengthens blood circulation, detoxifies, cleanses, dry skin and dandruff, varicose veins, strengthens and regenerates the liver, in ailments Problems with potency, supports during childbirth, strengthens the nervous system

Supports: In depressive states, in the internal restlessness, in feelings of bite, in hypersensitivity, in uncertainty and indecision, in examination stress

Strengthens: Motivation, activity, willingness to live, belief in oneself, self-confidence, joy, creativity, concentration, ability to brew oneself, helps to "find your own way of life"

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Lemon is a stone that promotes stability and security in the material sphere and the satisfaction of working life. Lemon Energy has a positive impact on people starting a new job or project, investing considerable financial resources and taking the risks involved. In General, Lemon is designed for all entrepreneurial people who feel good with a lot of tasks and constant changes. In all these situations, courage, piercing power, convincing ability, logical thinking and strong internal motivation are needed. Lemon is a stone of success that adds courage to business negotiations. It is worth to dress in jewelry with Lemon on the day of important professional talks or difficult decisions to take.
At the Same time, people with the profile described above must not miss a healthy distance to professional and resting life on the addictive "adrenaline". It is a very important element to maintain a balance between several spheres of life, in which the wearing of Lemon can help.
Lemon is perfect for people who do not find themselves in workstations with routine, repetitive and little creative activities or filled with pre-imposed tasks. This Stone is for those who worshiping large decks of creative energy want to combine professional work with their passion and only then derive satisfaction from it.
Lemon is also a stone of prosperity. It Attracts a lot of good occasions or events and the right people to help with our professional development, advancement, unwinding of our company or in the exit from the financial crisis.

Citrines by non-conventional medicine:

• Increases the body's regenerative capacity during illness.
• It is Called anti-diabetic stone-promotes the secretion of insulin, regulates the work of the pancreas and liver.
• Improves cardiovascular system, the work of lymphatic glands and brain cells.
• Improves the operation of the digestive system, regulates metabolism, relieves stomach and intestinal discomfort.
• Lowers high cholesterol levels in the blood.
• Eliminates dizziness, soothes migraines.
• Allows Quick sleep and a healthy, powerful dream.

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Care: Lemon is enough to rinse with water and then place it in a sunlit place.

Note! The Stone is very fragile.

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