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Healing Stones and Elixirs

Healing Stones-One of the most interesting applications

If you want to make a potion of stone, you need a smooth, uncut stone, 300 millilitres of pure water and a glass half-liter dish, smooth, without patterns (preferably crystal).

Exposure to sunlight (if the stone is tied to the sun) or lunar (if associated with the moon) for about 2 hours to strengthen its energy.Healing Stones

It is Worth before preparing the elixir to take a bath in salt water, relax and prepare mentally for what you want to do. You can help your meditation music.
Boil the Container for 10 minutes in an enamelled or cast-iron pot. In the Morning, insert the stone into the container.

Important! Nobody has it before but you do not touch.

A Container with stone exhibitions for 2 hours on the action of sunlight or lunar (it can be covered, but only a glass lid (it does not react) Set it on a natural surface-wood, grass, earth, sand, etc. You can lay the circle of the dish with mountain crystals or another stone that strengthens the action.
It is Advisable (although not necessary) to meditation with visualization of the penetration of mineral energy into the water.

Healing Stones

After 2 hours The elixir is ready, pour it into a evaporated bottle and use 3 drops-three times a day (if you did it with distilled water) or more if from the spring, you can add to the bath, ointment or lubricate the sick place.

The Recipe taken from the "Healing Power of Stones" by Reny Marciniak-gently modified based on your own experience and knowledge from home.

Isabella Gruchalska

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