całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw

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The Name is derived from the Persian lazhward meaning the blue colour. ASTROLOGY: Bull, Sagittarius, Capricorn CHAKRAS: Sixth Chakra ✴ […]


Apatite is a great stone for people who possess a great need for expressing their own goals, plans, feelings and […]


Angelit is a stone of higher consciousness and contact with other dimensions. The Name angelit comes from the word "Angel"-an […]


  Impact: Spiritually, promotes an in-depth look at our emotional, physical, intellectual state It Allows us to be impartitible in […]


GEMS-AMETHYST The Precious stones Encyclopedia is given Energy: Receptive Planets: Jupiter and Neptune Elemental: Water Deities: Dionizos, Bachus, Diana Powers: […]


METHODS of USE: Placed on the body, worn on the body (for a long time) placed under the pillow, held […]


Alexandrite is a mineral, gemstone, rare, transparent variety of chryzoberyl. Depending on the lighting changes hue: In daylight is green, […]

Combining Stones

  Most of US love gems, but did you know that the connections of some of them might be unfortunable? […]

Stones and the Names of God

In the forehead of the Jewish high priest there were 12 noble stones, attributed to the 12 tribes of Israel […]

Healing Stones and Elixirs

Healing Stones-One of the most interesting applications If you want to make a potion of stone, you need a smooth, […]