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Stones and the Names of God

In the forehead of the Jewish high priest there were 12 noble stones, attributed to the 12 tribes of Israel and 12 names of God.

Sardonyks-Melek (King)

Topaz-Gomel (Endowing)

Emerald-Adir (Great)

Pomegranate (Karbunkuł)-Aloah (Strong)

Sapphire-Hain (Radiant, Knowing)

Jasper-El Chai (Eternal)

Hyacinth-Elohim (Judge)

Agat-El (Pan)

Amethyst-Jah (I am)

Chryzolite-Ischgob (Supreme father)-I'm not sure, but something seems to me that the author has twisted something. If you already fit here Joszew Seter – Being in Hiding

Onyks-Adonaj (Lord; Ruler

Beryl-JHVH (I am who I am)


Isabella Gruchalska

Taken from the "Stones of life, that is, in the magical circle of Jewels" by Christopher Karen, checked on the pages of Cabalistic and in his notes.


Ps. Quite important information, on the stones in the paintings, are given the names of the Jewish tribes, not the names of God

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