całościowe oczyszczanie Twojej energii z paskudztw


Cunningham in his encyclopedia informs

Energy: Projection
Planet: Sun
Elemental: Fire
Metal: Gold
Powers: protection, beauty love, calm sexual energy, treatment, prevention of theft.

In the "Healing Power of stones" Marciniak we can find the following tips.

Zirconium has a beneficial effect on any lung disease and allergies. It Improves the work of the liver, relieves intestinal disorders, promotes better metabolism and improves eyesight. It also improves memory, ability to concentrate and helps to realize deeply hidden talents. Makes it easy to shake off difficult relationships.

Information from the Magic Gallery

Zirconium is a stone with protective energy, in ancient times it was believed that this stone protects against theft, injury to the body and diseases. Its Energy creates a luminous shield on the spiritual level, so that no foreign and negative vibrations are inked.
People with spiritual zirconium recall the real world, conducive to practical and organized action. It Is perfect for people who do not want to abandon their ideals, but want to realize them at the level of physical manifestation. It is Suitable for young people who struggle to reconcile their idealistic visions with the adversity of the world, as well as for people who want to change the world, but they fear that their dreams are impossible to fulfill.
Zirconium reminds that man is the spiritual essence of the earthly journey, teaches to pay attention to the connection between souls and the unity of the universe. It Helps to overcome prejudices, jealousy, excessive greed. People who have just separated themselves from their beloved person help to unleash their old love and open themselves fully to a new feeling.

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